Brand philosophy

Conférma—furniture, confirming your status and taste every day, for many years. Furniture that meets your expectations every day. Conferma furniture is a product of emotional intelligence. When developing our collections, we do not compromise: we know exactly what you want. Exclusive furniture created from premium materials: natural wood, natural stone, copper, brass, steel, high-quality design fabrics. In the manufacture of furniture used 50% of manual labor. All items are assembled by hands.

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Furniture Design

• individual furniture design •
• furniture for your private collections •

Product & Industrial Design

• lighting design, object design, equipment design •

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The furniture is designed to meet the needs and nuances of operating several market segments:

HORECA: hotel lobbies, restaurants, cigar and golf clubs, lounge bars areas, business men’s and women’s clubs, conferences, business dining.

Private residences: country private building and city apartments, guest residents.

Furniture Collection 2021


L140 x D45 x H84,4 cm

Ballando Sharpei

Soft Chair
H94,5/46 x W59 x D66,5 cm

Ceiling lamp
Punto di Luce

Point ceiling lamp
Ø16 x H1 40 x H2 from 100 till ∞

Coffee table

Small round coffee table
Ø70 x H74,5 cm

Dining round table

Big round table
Ø120 x H74,5 cm

Confèrma furniture is not a compromise
we know exactly what you want